Saturday, June 12, 2010

The first wild strawberries...

This is a small sample of the little treasures hiding under the grass in fields right now. Millions of them. They are much smaller than our cultivated crop but each tiny jewel is more succulent and sweeter....

I was imagining Helen Dodge in the mid-1800's out picking berries after a long winter. What a wonderful gift.

I was in competition with the ducks this morning as we all raced to find the biggest, ripest fruit. The ducks kept looking over at me as if to say, "How did you know about our secret?"


  1. This makes me smile. I love those little berries. I know what you mean about the ducks! Enjoy your bounty!

  2. You are lucky, the rabbits and chipmunks got mine. Every time I say, OK tomorrow they will be ripe and I can pick them:they are gone...
    Fortunately, the tomatoes are growing in "Earthboxes" and they can't get to them.

  3. I remember picking strawberries like that at our cabin when I was a kid, and with my Mom and Dad at their home in northwestern Pennsylvania many years ago.

    Linda and I grew fraises des bois in our backyard garden for a while. I really should plant some more out there and enjoy them. Lovely post, Ebby!