Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A bag for Hannah

I made a bag for my dear friend, Hannah, so that she can carry her work with her on her trip through life. I hoped it would be a bag Jane Austen might have liked. I wanted to add some of my old sewing notions that I had picked up over these many years. I had them hidden away, here and there, through out my sewing room and wanted to gift them to her so that she can share in their energy too. Just think, some women, some where in time, created something useful or beautiful with these tools. They had been hidden away in some one else's sewing room a long time ago and they continue to live now in Hannah's bag.

Little knitting needles that I fixed up just for her. They were an old wooden pair without tops, so I added happy faces instead...

I sewed lots of little pockets to carry all of the little treasures I had collected on my journey through life... old darning thread, darning tools, Victorian snaps and latches, a very sweet, old thimble, a bit of hemp line and some vintage clothes pins to hang dry her work out in the Colorado air.

I also made a little needle case and tucked in a few very old pins and needles just for the fun of it!

Every girl needs a stash of fabric and some linen. A few fat quarters that I had hoarded away, some linen, I added some old buttons, beads, floss, old spools of thread, three new embroidery hoops, and voila, it became a bag for Hannah! Made with love just for her, my dear friend. I thought of her with every stitch. I smiled as I thought of her energy, her passion for life, her creativity, and her Joyful soul, that is the magic about making something by hand for someone else... the love that is woven into the work.

May your work be filled with love.


  1. Oh my goodness...those knitting needles are just so so darn sweet!!! And I LOVE the bag too...I think I've got tomorrows sewing project lined up!!
    LOVE IT!!!!
    xo maureen

  2. what a loving gift! so many treasures!

  3. Such a lovely gift. Lovingly collected and constructed by one of the lovliest!

  4. Hannah is one lucky girl! Beautiful collection and presentation. You have inspired me to retrieve my maternal grandmother's needlework bag from my studio and make a pattern from it. Thank you for the inspiration!