Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunset in heaven....

My husband and our son spent the afternoon canoeing on the lake. As they silently glided along the silver surface our son whispered, "This is my dream." That is heaven. He had to take a few jumps into the ice cold water before they left for home.

With all of the ecological nightmares going on at this very second, so terrible I hesitate to mention them, I can't even bring myself to discuss them, I just read about them and my soul weeps, I actually feel guilty living such a wonderful life...

Our three day turkey poults. White Breasted and Mammoth Bronze Breasted. We have five little babies now. If the two Bronzes are male and female we are not going to harvest them. Seems so strange to talk about them that way, but their life will be wonderful....

Here is their home. We did buy the wire new and some of the lumber for the frame, but we scavenged all the rest. The windows, the plywood, the siding, the tin roof, all of it from left over stuff or from friends that donated their scrapes. We have so many predators around here that if we leave for the day the kids will have to hang out locked in the patio, otherwise we have a electrified web fence that we can move around the turkey pad so they can graze. Momma fox and her kits were playing outside of their den yesterday at my neighbor's house. I have read enough Beatrix Potter to know how sneaky a fox can be.

Hope you have a peaceful day!

*By mid-summer of the first year we ended up putting in a wooden floor over the screen to protect their feet, they grow so big, so fast. It is 2017 and we are still using it! Summer for chickens and in winter, sides covered, for the ducks.


  1. Loving you and yours as I read this beautiful post. Praying for our world.

  2. Ah! I wish I was that kid jumping in the cold water of the Lake.