Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eine kleine Nachtmusik...

I was typing tonight and kept hearing sounds that called me outside. I stepped out into the night air, like slipping in for a gentle swim in cool water. The moon, almost full. Fireflies lighting the trees like fairies and out across the fields I could hear a trio of Barred Owls calling to each other. "Who-cooks, who-cooks-for-you-all". It was utterly magical. I held my breath and leaned up against that 150 year old maple tree that graces our life. I felt in awe of the world. I was a part of the unified pulse, the connection, the energy of it all, the tree, the owls, the air, the moon and stars, the cosmos. It is what people sang about for thousands of years before electricity and television. I said thank you, a deep thank you to the universe, to this lovely, beautiful, sacred earth and all of her animals and plants. And, thought yes, this is living life. I love this place, I love being alive and aware. It touches my soul in such a deep, wonderful way. It is so pure and simple.

My neighbor Henry turned 96 years old today, he has lived here in the Hollow for 51 years! He hasn't really changed his house since the early 1960's and they didn't do too much to it then. It is such an amalgamation of eras, a lifetime of living. It is like time stands still here...
What beauty abounds!!!



  1. Awe inspiring! You are living an "Edenesque" life. I am very happy for you.

  2. Profound and lovely, just like you!