Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Aha moment...

On the way to my doctor's appointment I felt overwhelmed by the idea that my intuition was trying to speak to me.  I feel like I need deep attention from myself for myself.  I always have so much running around inside of my head that I can't quite make out what I am hearing.  It feels jumbled, inaudible, and I think, "slow down, sit quietly, listen."  I have been feeling that impulse for some time now - sit, breathe, Vipassana.... but yet,
I raced to my appointment, grabbed a magazine, it opened to an article written by Jada Pinkett Smith.  I was inspired, it was almost as if I was directed to read it... a sign post.  I love when that happens.  It was about her Aha! moment.  It went something like this.... 
"I stuck in the idea that taking care of others was the way to create good relationships. As a result, I tried to micromanage my world.  One day I was so overwhelmed I thought I might be crushed under the weight of all the responsibilities I'd taken on...when I started meditating that morning, I felt...Surrender or explode. All of a sudden, I was released. 
I realized that by doing less, I can be more."

I felt it. I knew it.  It was the message I was trying to tell myself,
 the whispers I wouldn't listen to.  
Do Less and Be More... 
Take care of myself, stop worrying about everything and everyone else.  
Wouldn't I rather play with my son, on my violin, or sew a purse, plant some food?  

What is it that I really need, every day, to be more whole?  What does my husband and child need from me to feel fulfilled?  What do I need from them?  What is my purpose? 

Big questions, I want to boil it down to the root....

Spring is here, chives, oregano, daffodils, melting snow, have a good one...


  1. I love this message and have been putting it into practice in my life lately, and I'm much happier!

  2. Beautiful. New possibilities!