Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just a little glimmer...

I have been out and about lately.  I went to one of my haunts in the capital and found this sweet little pattern in my favorite sewing booth.  The pattern is from 1919 and so sweet.  I am going to be brave and try my hand at making one, though I am not 16...

Here are some goodies I got on my journey.  Some old, some new to me.  I got everything for very little.  The pattern was four, the sewing accoutrements and the little Godey print in the back, three each.  The snaps are Victorian and black, the wooden tube of needles is from 1923.  A total of eleven dollars and I have a plate over flowing with joy.  
Oh, and the plate, one dollar.


  1. You have found some treasures, Ebby! Love the pattern and looking forward to seeing your interpretation of it.

  2. Lovely treasures. Love, love the printed fabric. There is something so lovely about the old patterns. Thanks for sharing. :)!