Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Life Emerging.... Yes!

Spring is coming.
We are still locked in the grips of a very cold March. Icy, little mud, not too much sunshine, and cold nights. The cold nights are good for maple sugaring but the cold days aren't helping the sap flow. Lots of people are having a good year though. My neighbor put these old school sap buckets on our trees. Yummy, sweet sap. I find it so amazing, the gifts given by these majestic trees. Drawing from the earth, sharing her sweetness. I love the sound of the sap dripping in the buckets, tip, tip, tip... I can hear it across the field.

We walked our land for hours yesterday. Look at all that snow. We found some lone moose tracks and followed them out onto the road. You can tell so much about an animal by following the tracks for a good distance. How fast they were walking, what they nibbled on, how many times they went this way or that. I wondered when the tracks were made? They weren't fresh and the snow has been melting a little every day. I think this beauty must be big, but I don't have a lot of experience with moose, so can't say for sure. The actual foot print was 7" plus around and the scat was big and there was a lot of it!

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  1. Hurray for you!! Can't wait to hear about the class. I get education just by reading your blog! You are an inspiration. I just heard an interview with Kathy Freston talking about her new book Veganist so I qued it up on my requests from the library.

    My Mom has the sap tappers that my Grandpa used years ago. So cool!!
    PS. That size of a moose is not someone you would want to encounter while walking your property. Hope he is spying on you at a good distance!