Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On the fringe of insanity...

Meine Oma.

Anna von Birnbeck Knodlseder and my great uncle Otto Knodlseder in Munich early in World War II. This is the only surviving picture of my Oma that we have. When ever my mother sees this photo she always whispers how her mother washed the clothes with her jewelry and nice dress. She had to scrub the clothes on the old pine table and hang them up to dry in their cramped court yard in the city, as did billions of other women all around the world, from the beginning of time. My mother studied, stared at, and cherished this photo. Munich had been bombed 75 times in the war and sadly my grandmother died alone on a stretcher in a crowded hospital corridor from lack of medicine. 

The reality of life and heartbreak on the fringe of insanity. 

This picture has become part of our family legacy, a piece of the story, the saga of strong women, surviving, flourishing, 
living and dying...
honored, loved and not forgotten.

Peaceful beauty... I wish you joy.


  1. Love the cabinet and thanks for the shout-out! I am happy to share our love of crafts, beautiful things and making this world a better place

  2. I love that picture of your Oma and Great Uncle! And your room is shaping up beautifully with all of your treasures. Your baby shoes are the niedlichest ones I have ever seen. Lots of love to you!