Saturday, April 17, 2010

Earth Anthem

Last night we went to a wonderful, pre-Earth Day performance by Kathy Lowe.  She sang songs and we created some amazing music right here in our own little town.  We came together to honor mother earth and rejoice in our communal energy.  We were all so connected by this beautiful, vibrant expression of our love for the earth.  We ended the evening by singing an anthem, the tune is our national anthem, but the words....

Earth Anthem

O say can we see
By the one light in all
Our Earth to embrace
At the call of all nations

Where our children can play
In a world without war
Where we stand hand in hand
In the grace of creation

Where the rivers run clean
Through the forest of green
Where the cities stand tall
In the clear skies of freedom

O say do our hearts sing
for harmony and love forever
on the planet of our birth
blessed with peace on Earth

Words by Stephen Longfellow

I thought it was lovely.  The entire evening had the same vibe for me as the Iron Eyes Cody pollution commercials of my youth.   They need to show commercials like that again, they propelled me to want to change my world....  We need that energy in the big world now, not more offshore drilling!

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