Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cold carrots in December

We harvested purple carrots out of the frozen cold frame today.  My son planted a variety of carrots in late August.  The window panes were frozen shut and buried under slushy snow.  After I preyed open the top and dug my hand down into the freezing soil I pulled up two beautiful purple carrots.  One for Bunny (that is who he planted them for) and one for us...

What a gift.  

The ground never had a chance to freeze.  The temperature last week peaked at 59 degrees Fahrenheit.  Usually the ground freezes a bit first, then the snows come, then the fun begins.  It threatened to rain today and wash it all away, but it didn't.  The wind is blowing and the temperature is 30 degrees F now.  Whenever the wind blows like this I always wonder, where are all of my animals?  Are they warm?  Are they safe?  It was so warm today, now the temperature is dropping.  A cold front pushing up against a warm front, making wind, high wind.  The other day the gusts blew over important things, things that broke.  Luckily they didn't have any animals in them...

It is late, or should I say early in the a.m.  

Spooky sounds abound.  

Eeekkk, I am off to bed.  Nighty-nite.