Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks Giving

A sweet little Thanksgiving postcard from days gone by.  
The back of the card reads: 

"From your school-mate and cousin.  Margaret.  For-get-me-not."  

addressed to,
Miss Jena Zimmer
Humbolt, South Dakota

On Naming A House

When I a householder became
I had to give my house a name.

I thought I'd call it "Poplar Trees,"
Or "Widdershins" or "Velvet Bees,"
Or "Just Beneath a Star."
I thought of "House Where Plumbings Freeze,"
Or "As You Like it," "If Your Please,"
Or "Nicotine" or "Bread and Cheese,"
"Full Moon" or "Doors Ajar."

But still I sought some subtle charm,
Some rune to guard my roof from harm
And keep the devil far;
I thought of this, and I was saved!
I had my letter-heads engraved
 The House Where Brown Eyes Are


There are wonderful Brown Eyes here, in my little house, deeply loved and cherished...

Autumn Colors

The chestnut trees turned yellow,
The oak like sherry browned,
The fir, the stubborn fellow,
Stayed green the whole year round.

But O the bonny maple
How richly he does shine!
He glows against the sunset
Like ruddy old port wine.

This little, red book of poems is very sweet too.  There are so many poems about life with mummy and daddy.  He reminds me of the poet and author A.A. Milne...  

Have a blessed week, happy days and may you weave many memories of love and joy throughout this holiday season....

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