Friday, April 10, 2009


A time of renewal, rebirth.  April is here again.  The story of Easter was born out of darkness and then light, it begins with a journey to the end.  It is story of love, fear, darkness, pain and at last, rebirth.  It is a story each of us have lived in some form in our own lives.  Accepting the darkness as part of the journey supports us on the path to living a more peaceful life.  Eostre, the Saxon Great Mother Goddess of fertility, spring and dawn, appeared with her basket of colored eggs after the Sun God rode across the sky in his chariot.   It is an ancient celebration of death and life, dark and light, winter and spring, birth and rebirth.  The journey can be hard, painful, terrifying, sad, heart wrenching actually, and then with eyes up, heart open, there is light, there is joy, there is love. Being able to let go of the clutch, release the clinging and breathe, I know there is light.  It is the balance.  

                             (British Solider Lichens, Cladonia cristatella ?)
                                                 tiny, miniature forests

This moment now is the moment.

Spring is like that too.  There is a strong, palatable sense of renewal in April in New England.   The warm sun feels like a tangible entity, a sacred gift, the blessing that unfurls the blades of grass, the buds on the vine, the leaves on the trees.  The awakening life around me is responding to a whispered song that is so deeply familiar, ancient and very sacred.  I can hear its melody.  The forest that surrounds my house is the cathedral, the spring peepers and birds are the choir.  I hear the sermon of the wind and the raging water in the creek.  I have faith in this world, I feel the abandoned love of a child, I am swept away by joy.  I have been given this gift of life, some how, with a guided hand, my tumor was found just in time to save me from neurological demise.  I have been given a gift that I want to cherish, to make the most of, always.  I am aware of the power and the promise and I am deeply grateful.  Every breath, every thought I have is because of this second chance, the door is open and I say yes as I walk through it.  No more closed eyes or silent spirit.  No longer weighted as much by ego or the consciousness of my reality.  I try to become more whole, I am more whole.  There is only life, love, breath, connection to others and passion.  There is a fire burning here on the edge of the forest, on the edge of the hollow, dancing around the golden-red flames singing as the grass blades unfurl and the babies are born and the sun warms the earth.  Life begins again, reborn.  This beautiful blue planet spins and turns around in her own dance as I reach up, arms wide open in a total embrace of life, my life, and your life.


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