Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yo-Yo Wow

I was so inspired by the purses and skirt that my two Joys recently made that I wanted to shift my attention back to my creative side.  My dear friends have been sewing skirts, purses and creating all kinds of wonderful, glittery cards together in their cozy cottage lately.  I can just see their space now, inviting and warm surrounded by white curtains, kitty cats, cups of tea and smiles.  Oh, how I miss those smiles. 

I created these yo-yo's in a cottage by the sea in the not so distant past.  They were stitched into quite a lovely belt, the string of which was braided from the selvage edges of my favorite fabrics.  Use, reuse every fiber right?  I created a garden of flowers to choose from and have decided to take out my bag of goodies again.  They are light and portable, you can make them anywhere, and they always make people smile.

I was taught the art of yo-yo making by my goddess, tarot reading, tea making, Stelladanza. With the help of our handy Clover Yo-Yo tools we can make precise, consistent yo-yo's every time.  She has taught me so much about art, life and beauty that most of my creative direction comes from her.  She is a fountain of life energy, a spring of all things beautiful and the sister of an amazing artist, too.  Oh, my lovely talented friends in my city of yesterday.  

God Bless you Dean, I hope you have a peaceful journey.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are back to your creative endeavors. Heal well and fast, my loving friend!