Friday, February 25, 2011

Peak Moment...

One way to stay informed, inspired and educated about the changes we are facing in our world whether it is political, ecological or spiritual is to stay tuned to Peak Moment Television.

Their shows air on their website and on a some television stations in California, N. Carolina and New York City. Janaia and her team travel around the region interviewing people that choose to live more sustainably. Their shows are hopeful, uplifting and most of all, inspiring.

You can listen to the shows, download them, or watch the video. Some of the older shows are even available for purchase from their website too. There are well over 100 episodes on YouTube too for free. There are so many links about peak oil, and living more sustainably. There are great book reviews, interviews, and lots of discussions about options, real life options about things we CAN do to help
change the course of our future....

Some of the topics discussed are activism, agriculture, biofeuls, climate change, community, economy, farming, local food, natural building, peak oil, renewables, simple living, water, and many, many more.

Hear the voices, check it out, sign up, and support Peak Moment Television, it is
total grassroots...

on YouTube too!!!!